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The Law Offices of Joyce E. Scott is a personal injury law firm representing victims of serious injuries throughout the Greater Newburyport and Greater Haverhill area, including Massachusetts and New Hampshire. When you or someone you love is injured or loses their life because of another's wrongful conduct, Attorney Joyce E. Scott  can help you take action to rebuild your life by seeking justice and the money you need for medical care and much more. We know that times are tough; our mission is to relieve the pressure by holding the responsible party accountable and seeking full compensation for all of your post-accident or injury expenses and losses, no matter the circumstances or the severity of physical and emotional trauma you have experienced.


Talking to Attorney Scott is an important step to take following any kind of personal injury accident. Regardless of the specifics of how you have been injured, she has detailed knowledge to properly bring your case forward. In any of type of personal injury case, you may have the right to legal recourse; however, without a thorough review by a competent professional you may have no way of knowing the true value of your claim and against what party you can take legal action. Attorney Scott will analyze your case during a free consultation to determine how she can help you. Should we work together on your case, we will take action to hold the negligent party responsible for their conduct as we seek just monetary damages on your behalf.


If you choose to seek legal support and guidance from Attorney Scott, you can breathe easier knowing that she will do everything in her power to help you reach your optimum outcome. Attorney Scott will provide exhaustive preparation, meticulous research and an aggressive pursuit of justice. As a result you can be sure that a heavyweight attorney will represent you, one with the desire and resources to effectively help you in the wake of your personal injury.


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