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If you've been injured or developed an illness as a result of poor medical care, you may be entitled to benefits. Doctors and hospitals frequently write off bad medical outcomes as side effects and unavoidable risks, making it difficult and confusing for you to know if your injury was a result of negligence. If your injury resulted from malpractice, Attorney Scott will seek expert medical opinions from third parties to prove that the negative outcome was avoidable.


Common Medical Malpractice claims include but are not limited to:


- Emergency room mistakes, such as failure to diagnose strokes

  and heart attacks, and brain injuries

- Surgical malpractice

- Obstetrical errors that cause birth injuries to children and

  damage to mothers

- Pharmacy and prescription medication errors

- Un-documented side effects from medications

- Nursing home abuse

- Anesthesiology mistakes


Attorney Joyce Scott will aggressively investigate your claim and a fight for your rights. Call or email for a FREE consultation. You will only pay a fee if Attorney Scott wins your case.

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