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Dog bite injuries affect millions of people annually. According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 2% of U.S. citizens, or roughly about 4.7 million people, are bit by dogs each year. These bites can range from minor (simple skin lacerations that do not require extensive medical treatment) to those causing serious injury (injury that may require surgery and could lead to physical handicap). The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that almost 17% of dog bites each year are serious enough to require medical attention.


Dog owners are responsible for their dogs, plain and simple. If a dog attacks or bites, then the owner is liable for all damages caused to the victim. Even if a dog is on the owner’s property, and a person is injured by the dog, then the owner remains responsible for the accident.


Attorney Scott has experience in defending victims of dog bites. She will examine every aspect of your case, and will help you recover monetary compensation to cover the costs of medical bills, physical therapy, and applicable loss of income resulting from your injury. You will also receive compensation for scarring or any other permanent impairment associated with your injury.


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