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Children are our most important resource because they are our future. As parents we invest every ounce of our emotional being into raising our children. There is no event that can have a more negative impact than one that severely injures a child.


Has your child been injured due to negligent or intentional conduct of another person? Everyday young children in Massachusetts and New Hampshire are injured or killed because of the actions and choices of adults or corporations. Whether the trauma is caused by a dangerous child product, a careless physician, or an automobile accident, anyone who injures a child because of carelessness or decisions that put profits over safety should be held accountable for their actions.


Injuries to children can have both a physical and psychological component. Serious injuries to children can present life altering challenges to not just the injured child, but the entire family. If a child suffers a traumatic brain injury or is paralyzed, not only will the family have to pay an exorbitant amount of medical bills, but may also have to make changes in the child's education and make alterations to the house in order to accommodate the disabled child. Listed below are some of the types of children's injury cases that our office can help bring some accountability to those that are responsible.


  • Children's brain injury

  • Children's spinal injury

  • Child scarring and disfigurement

  • Automobile accident injury

  • Premise liability

  • Wrongful death cases

  • Child molestation & sex abuse

  • Defective product cases

  • Birth trauma injuries

  • Dog bites


If your child's injury or medical condition was caused by negligent or intentional behavior by another person or entity, he or she may be entitled to benefits. Injuries to children can have lasting psychological and physical effects.  Attorney Scott will work aggressively to ensure the offending party is held accountable.


Injuries to children can cause a great deal of stress and disrupt your family's way of life. Joyce Scott will manage every element of your child's case and help coordinate his or her medical treatment. With Attorney Scott, you and your family can simply focus on being there for your child.


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